Pinewood Springs Chili Cook Off!
community turned out to support the
PWS Fire District
--Thank you all!


Supporters braved snow and cold to make it to the benefit dinner

Debbie Freireich-Bier welcomes the crowd

Assistant Fire Chief Andy Lucas and wife Laura

Gabi and Bob Benson

Dennis Johnstone joins Marilyn and Bruce McQueen

Libby Noble and Carol Andrews

Firemen Tom Emerson, Josh Thompson, and Ted Plank

Ralph Bier and wife Debbie Freireich-Bier

Allison and Kerry Grimes flank frosting-mouthed  Dave Stine

Gabi Benson offers delectable
pralines and other desserts

                        Josh and Carolyn Thompson

Jon Andrews reaches for the cupcakes

Jon Andrews and John Bologna

Lawson and Melinda Smith chow down

Katharine Dutcher, Andy Lucas, and Marcy and Donn Fairbank

Keith Buderus and Dennis Johnstone

First-place winner, Sue Painter, and partner, Joe Nesselroth are
surrounded by judges Tom Emerson,
Pierre Perney, and Lee Williams

         Second-place winners, Darrin McKenzie
              and wife Lora Larson-McKenzie

      Third-place winner, Dave Stine, with Tom Emerson,
          Lee Williams,
Pierre Perney, and Carol Andrews
                              (behind the crew)

People's-Choice winner Laurel Shaw
and Marilyn McQueen